The Village at Park Dale Lane

At Park Dale Lane, we are A Community of Readers, Writers, and Artists with 21st Century Skills. The Village at Park Dale Lane believes in embracing and connecting our diverse families, complementing our school curriculum to enrich students, and supporting our dedicated teachers and staff.


The Village is Supported by 5 Essential Pillars

Village Fundraising – Raising money to finance educational programs and projects that touch each and every one of our students

Village Community Building – Engaging and connecting parents with our school and each other

Village Communications – Communicating with parents, teachers and staff through multiple channels to promote, encourage, and highlight our people and activities

Village Programs – Creating and executing school programs that enhance our children’s education and embrace our community

Village Financials – Ensuring financial checks and balances are in place while maintaining our budget and financial records and overseeing our fiscal health


Meet Our Village

Leigh Ann Adams
Courtney Fong

Vice President
Sarah Daugirda

Sara Hernandez

Head of Village Fundraising
Rina Kelting

Head of Village Community Building
Megan Luce


Head of Village Communications

Courtney Fong

Head of Village Programs
Amber Izzard

Head of Village Financials
Michelle Bay